SPOILer Alert!!

Okay, so this is NOT the typical kind of spoiler alert, but I just wanted to share a bit about a couple of pieces I made for Christmas for my nieces and nephews who I LOVE to SPOIL! 🙂 LOL see what I did there? 😉 I’m the spoiler HAHA

First, I have to be a proud Auntie and show pictures of the adorable little rugrats with my Peepaw (Left to Right: A is 14 mos., E is 12 mos., G is 2 yrs, and J is almost-4 yrs). Trying to get this picture made was a bit like herding cats, so we all just stood there clicking the camera button over and over–I only wish we’d had a video, though the 6 or 7 pics I have on my phone make for an entertaining flip book!  The little in the middle (aka my Mini Me) was having none of it…

The first project I did for the girlies was the most time-consuming, and nearly ZAPPED all my mojo for a lot of last year after it was complete (I actually made 5 of them!). I did all the cutting and piecing at my RemARKables team’s semi-annual retreat, but I did the planning at home, deciding what colors and how many pieces I needed… Amazing that somehow THIS:

Became THIS! (And yes, this configuration is the only way all 13 would go! LOL):
They are all the princesses produced by “The Mouse.” Can you name them all??? (Answer key at the bottom 😉 also individual thumbnails you can click to take a closer look) The frame above is pre-glitterblasting! I spray painted the frames with Krylon Glitter Blast in Diamond Dust as if there wasn’t enough sparkly inside the frame LOL Lots of Dazzling Details were used on this project!


On this kind of project, it’s just the added little details that really “make” it!  My cousin (the father of the middle little above) was actually the one most fascinated by the project, especially Pocahontas. When I was working on them, there were 70 or so other ladies in the room, and I don’t even remember who or why, but someone brought me a container of seashells, and I was able to add that to Pocahontas’s necklace for the perfect touch (a rhinestone just wasn’t quite right); it also fascinated him that I hand-snipped the fringe on her dress!


I was inspired by several different punch art pieces out there, but I didn’t CASE any one design/er or follow any tutorials. I often went to the actual cartoon images themselves for ideas! The base for all them of course comes from the retired Dress-Up Framelits (I can’t be Elsa and “Let It Go” HAHA)

The next little project (same 12″x 12″ frame, wholly different content!) was for the almost-4yr old who started PreK-3 this year! 🙂 This uses 2 current stamp sets, Layered Letters and No Bones About It. It is inspired by the frame featured on pg. 39 of the 2015-16 Annual Catalog, but as per usual, I had to “kick it up a notch!” BAM! (a la Chef Emeril LOL).


I used dimensionals to pop up the dinosaurs (these frames are shadow boxes, so why not?!), added fussy-cut leaves (one of which was to hide an ink “shadow” 😉 ), added footprints around the edges, and added the cute little palm tree at the bottom! Look closely:


I used the Perfect Pines Framelits to add a little extra dimension! 🙂

Thanks for letting me share! I hope you enjoyed it! 🙂

Princess “answer key”:: Top L to R: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Ariel (Little Mermaid), Jasmine (Aladdin), Rapunzel; Middle L to R: Anna, Elsa (both from Frozen), Merida (Brave; all the curly red hair!), Mulan, Tiana (Princess and the Frog); Bottom L to R: Snow White, Cinderella, Pocahontas, Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


5 thoughts on “SPOILer Alert!!

    1. I don’t :/ the Princess dresses were made with the Dress Up Framelits as their base, but I just looked at some others on Pinterest and the cartoons themselves and just figured it out… I copied with a twist the frame on the Kids section of the 15-16 catalog… Sorry! I could probably write some down, but i would have to charge something BC it would take a LOT of time (that surprisingly I actually don’t have right now HAHA usually I have nothing going, but I’m booked for a little while)!


  1. Princess piece is amazing. Hoping to do something like that for my son’s girlfriend’s Sweet 16, Disney princess theme. Nicely done! Not sure if I can figure it out.


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